Thursday, November 11, 2010

Going Green

Being green at a trade show exhibit is no longer as difficult as it used to be. There are many eco-friendly alternatives that allow companies who wish to cut down on their carbon footprint to do so. Here are a few different ways for exhibitors to use more Earth-friendly elements in their booths.

Earth-Friendly Trade Show Display Materials

Use recycled materials in your trade show exhibit. Get rid of the usual display materials and use bamboo, aluminum, or recycled fabrics instead. Not only will they be more eco-friendly, but they will allow for a more portable display. Bamboo is incredibly strong and will stand up to the wear and tear that a trade show display usually goes through. Additionally, it grows fast and is plentiful, which means it is a renewable material. If you utilize a bamboo trade show display and add in elements of aluminum or bonded metal, your display will truly stand out among the crowd as being unique and green. Nowadays it is even possible to find a bamboo display that holds literature, which organizes the booth and keeps it clutter-free. More.

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  1. I know that has a great trade show display that is eco-friendly, I would add this to the list. Thanks for the post!