Thursday, February 10, 2011

How To Shoot A Video For An Exhibition Or Event

If you find a promotional video on an exhibition organiser’s website, what would you like it to say? This is what you need to think about and try to visualize when you are planning and shooting a video for an event or exhibition.

This type of video has to grab potential visitors, conferees and exhibitors and is a vital promotional tool. With the various multimedia and video sites out there, you’d be crazy to pass up this opportunity to shout about your event. However, don’t go into this activity lightly.

The first thing to remember is that people generally switch off to video very quickly – especially when they are viewing it in a business to business environment. If we are viewing footage about an acrobatic greyhound or something that can enhance our own appearance or well being, then we seem to have time for that. Ask us to view something about a conference or exhibition and this is usually a very different story. More from Marketing Review

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